Optimizing the use of audio visual multimedia and think-pair-share technique to enhance students’ writing skill of analytical exposition text (a collaborative action research in the eleventh grade of sma al islam 1 surakarta in the academic year 2011/2012

Oleh :
Miftahul Rifqi - X2207016 - Fak. KIP

This thesis aims to (1) describe whether and to what extent the use of audio visual multimedia as the teaching media which is combined with think-pair-share can improve the students’ writing skill of analytical exposition text; and (2) describe the class situation when multimedia and think-pair-share technique are implemented in the writing class. The method used in this research is a collaborative action research. The research is conducted from September 15th until November 10th 2011 at class XI IPA 3 of SMA Al Islam 1 Surakarta. The research is conducted in two cycles, in which there are 4 meetings in the first cycle and 2 meetings in the second cycle. Every cycle consists of four steps: planning, implementing, observation, and reflection. The research data are collected by using techniques of observation, interview, diary review, document analysis, and test (pre-test and post-test). The data are analyzed through descriptive analysis which consists of assembling the data, coding the data, comparing the data, building interpretation, and reporting the outcomes for the qualitative data and descriptive statistics for the quantitative data. The research findings prove that think-pair-share technique and the video can improve students writing skill. Based on the students’ pre-test: 41.26 and posttest 1: 77.03, it improves up to 86.70%. In cycle two it improves 1.54 with 78.22 as the mean score. The improvements of writing skill which include: (1) students’ writing skill of analytical exposition text and (2) classroom situation. (a) write analytical exposition text in better detail of the story and longer paragraph; (b) state ideas clearly and organize the paragraph better with satisfactory use of cohesion and logical sequencing; (c) produce grammatically correct sentences; (d) use better choices of words and use a variety of vocabulary and idiomatic expressions; (e) use good accuracy in punctuation and spelling. Meanwhile, concerning on the improvement of classroom situation (2), the students became: (a) more active to the activities with more enthusiasm; (b) have more interests in writing; (c) have more concern to bring dictionary in English lesson, especially writing. It can be concluded that the implementation of video and think-pair-share can improve the students’ writing skill of analytical text and the situation in writing class. The combination of think-pair-share technique with the use of video is an alternative teaching technique that benefits both for the students’ achievement and for the students’ learning motivation. Based on such findings as presented above, the researcher expects that think-pair-share and video can be applied in teaching other writing types.