Improving Students’ Vocabulary Mastery Through The Use Of Wall Charts (An Action Research At The 5th Grade Of SDN Parangjoro 1 Sukoharjo In The Academic Year Of 2011/2012)

Oleh :
Septian Maharani - K2207010 - Pascasarjana

The Objectives Of This Research Are: (1) To Find Whether Wall Chart Can Improve The English Vocabulary Mastery Of The Fifth Grade Students Of SD Negeri Parangjoro 1 Sukoharjo In Academic Year 2011/2012; (2) To Find Out Students’ Motivation When Wall Chart Is Used In Teaching Vocabulary. The Study Is An Action Research Which Was Conducted In Two Cycles At Fifth Grade Of SD Negeri Parangjoro 1 Sukoharjo, From September Until December 2011. The Research Data Are Collected By Using Technique Of Observation, Interview, Document, And Test (Pre-Test And Post-Test). The Data Were Analyzed Through Descriptive Analysis Which Consist Of Assembling The Data, Coding The Data, Comparing The Data, Building Interpretation, And Reporting The Outcomes For The Qualitative Data And Descriptive Statistics For The Quantitative Data. The Research Findings Show That Wall Chart Is Able To Improve Students’ Vocabulary Mastery And Students’ Motivation. In The End Of The Research, The Researcher Finds That (A) The Students Can Grasp And Remember The Meaning Of Words; (B) The Students Are Able To Spell The Words Correctly; (C) The Students’ Pronunciation Is Improved, They Made Fewer Mistake Compared With Difficulties Before Action ; (D) The Students Have Fewer Mistake In Using The Words Based On The Context Compared With Difficulties Faced Before Action. The Students’ Vocabulary Improvement Is Reflected In The Tests Scores. The Mean Score Between Pre-Test And Cycle 1 Post Test Improves From 54.5 To 66.2. It Improves Again In Cycle 2 Post Test Which Was 77. It Shows That There Was An Improvement Of The Students’ Vocabulary Mastery Before And After The Research. The Improvement Of Students’ Motivation Can Be Seen Through Class Situation: (A) Students Pay Attention To The Teacher’s Explanation, They Seemed Interested On The Lesson; (B) The Students Focus On The Lesson, They Did Not Talk Each Other When The Teacher Gave Explanation; (C) Most Of The Students Become Active, They Are More Enthusiastic In The Lesson. Therefore, It Can Be Concluded That Teaching Vocabulary By Using Wall Chart Could Improve The Students’ Vocabulary Mastery.