The Effectiveness of Using Total Physical Response to Teach Vocabulary Viewed from the Student’s Learning Interest (an Experimental Study at the Fourth Grade Student’s of SDN 1 Tegaldowo in the Academic Year of 2011/2012)

Oleh :
Andhina Ika Sunardi - S891008002 - Pascasarjana

The objectives of the research are: (1) to identify whether Total Physical Response is more effective than Grammar translation to teach vocabulary; (2) to identify whether the students having high Learning Interest have better vocabulary mastery than those having low learning interest; and (3) to prove whether there is any interaction between teaching methods and learning interest to teach vocabulary. The research was conducted at SDN 1 Tegaldowo in the academic year of 2011/2012. The population in this research was the fourth grade of SDN 1 Tegaldowo. The total number of population was 48 students coming from two classes. The sampling of the research was total sampling. It was because the population was less than 100 students. In other words, the population was the sample. The samples were IVB as the experimental group and IVA as the control group and each consists of 24 students. Then, the techniques which were used to collect the data were questionnaire and vocabulary test. The instruments were tested in the try out to check the questionnaire validity and reliability, and vocabulary test readability. After the treatment was applied for eight meetings, a post test was conducted to obtain vocabulary performance scores. Then, descriptive and inferential data analysis were conducted to give description of the data and to test the hypotheses. The normality and homogeneity were tested before the data were analyzed using ANOVA with .95 level of significance and Tuckey. Based on the results of the analysis, there are some research findings that can be taken: (1) TPR is more effective than GTM for teaching vocabulary; (2) The students having high learning interest have better vocabulary mastery than the students having low learning interest; and (3) There is an interaction between methods and students’ learning interest for teaching vocabulary. TPR is suitable for students having high learning interest and GTM is suitable for students having low learning interest. From the results above, it can be concluded that TPR is an effective method to teach vocabulary for the fourth grade students and this research implies that methods have a strong influence on students’ vocabulary mastery. In order to get maximum result and effect on students’ vocabulary mastery, the writer suggests English teachers to apply Total Physical Response by considering students’ psychological aspects especially their learning interest.