Improving Students’ Ability to Write Analytical Exposition Text Using Youtube’s Video (a Classroom Action Research in the Eleventh Grade Students of SMAN 9 Purworejo in the 2010/2011 Academic Year)

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Puspa Dewi - S890809016 - Pascasarjana

The objectives of the research are: (1) to identify whether or not and to what extent youtube videos can improve the students’ ability in writing analytical exposition text; and (2) to describe the class situation when youtube videos are applied in the writing class. This research was carried out at SMA Negeri 9 Purworejo. It was conducted from August 2010 up to July 2011. The subject of the research was the students of class XI IPA of SMA Negeri 9 Purworejo in the academic year of 2010/ 2011. The research method was Classroom Action Research and it was conducted in two cycles. In collecting the data, the researcher used interviews, observation, diaries, document, and test. Having collected the data, she analyzed them both qualitative and quantitative data. The qualitative data were analyzed by using Constant Comparative Method: comparing incident applicable to each category, integrating categories and their properties, delimiting the theory, and writing the theory. While the quantitative data were analyzed by descriptive statistics to calculate the mean scores of pre-test, post-test1, and post-test 2. To investigate whether or not and to what extent youtube videos can improve the students’ writing ability to express analytical exposition text and to describe what happens with the classroom situation, the research findings show youtube videos can improve: (1) the students’ writing ability: (a) the students could produce various vocabularies; (b) they could write sentences using correct punctuation and correct spelling; (c) most of them could produce grammatically correct sentences (d) most of them were able to find ideas quite easily to develop their paragraph; and (e) more than a half of the students were able to do argument building to write analytical exposition text; and (2) class situation. It showed that: (a) the students started to write before 5 minutes after the researcher gave instruction; (b) the class was still noisy but it was because of their discussion activity and their curiosity to study; (c) they were more involved in the teaching and learning process. Almost all students were motivated to join each activity in the class; (d) theypaid more attention to the teacher’s explanation; and (e) the writing class was more alive and interesting. This research showed that there is improvement not only in the writing ability of the students involved in the study but also in the quality of teaching-learning process. It can be stated that the writing class is more effective and alive when the teacher optimizes the use of youtube videos as authentic materials. Therefore, it is recommended that the English teachers should be: (1) creative to guide the students in exploring youtube videos as authentic materials so that they are able to understand them; (2) able to improve five elements of writing which cover content, organization, language use, vocabulary, and mechanics; and (3) active and creative to select and present material in accordance with the students’ need.