The Process of Teaching and Learning to Improve Reading Skill in the Sixth Grade of SDN Jagalan No. 81 Surakarta

Oleh :
Kurnia Pertiwi Subarno - C9309046 - Fak. Sastra dan Seni Rupa

This final project is written based on the job training done by the writer as an English teacher in SD Negeri Jagalan No. 81 Surakarta. This final project describes the process of teaching and learning reading in the sixth grade of SD N Jagalan No. 81 Surakarta including the difficulties faced in teaching reading and the solutions of the difficulties faced in teaching reading. In writing this final report, the writer collected the data by observing the class, interviewing the students and teacher staffs and directly teaching English lesson in the classroom. The observation was done in the sixth grade class. In teaching reading, the writer used some procedures. They consist of opening, BKOF, modeling text, joint construction, independent construction and closing. There are some difficulties related to the teaching reading. The difficulties are the students’ condition, the students’ problem in understanding the text and the limited materials and facilities. The writer also presents the solutions of the difficulties faced in teaching reading. It is necessary to pay attention in teaching English in the elementary school, because children have great ability to learn a new language.