Budidaya tanaman tomat dengan perkawinan silang untuk produksi benih hibrida Di CV. MGA( Multi Global Agrindo ) Karanganyar

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Sigit Sukoco - H3309016 - Fak. Pertanian

Tomato ( Lycopersicumesculentum ) is one agricultural commodities which is very useful to the human body because it contains vitamins and minerals are needed for growth and health. As the increasing demand of seed tomatoes we need to be repaired quality seeds through a system of cultivation that is either by crossbreeding so as to produce hybrid seed. The problem which are examined in duty the end it is a technique cultivation of tomato plants and crossbreeding for the production of seed hybrids in CV Multi global agrindo. CV Multi Global Agrindo is a company that runs in the production of a seed or called also breeding. The technique of cultivation of tomato plants in CV. MGA through some stages of growth, is a requirement engineering seeding and a seedbed, processing land, manuring, granting mulching, the technique of planting, maintenance of plants, casting, kohe, pest control, harvest, after harvest and technological progress seeds. The main thing that must be performed in a cross is casting and kohe. Casting are the closure of by using a hose plastic ( straws ) on the female flowers bloom and tomatoes are not yet ready to crossed. Casting is aimed to make the female flowers of a plant tomatoes this is not are pollinated by male flower or plant offered to avoid unwanted pollination suppose pollination which occurs because means of winds and insects. Kohe pollinate a friendly flowers are the male and female flowers of a plant tomatoes that has been prepared derived from different plants then mated so getting plants of which the hybrids. Marketing done by CV. MGA done by sales -sales who came to stores saprodi and offers a product. Sales as well as the practice promoting the product directly in the manner of planting, maintenance simultaneously indicates the result obtained if farmers to use the seeds which are derived from CV. MGA.