English Teaching And Learning Activities For 4th Grade Students Of Elementary School In Sd Negeri Ngoresan No. 80 Surakarta

Oleh :
Yoephi Sushanto - C.9309089 - Fak. Sastra dan Seni Rupa

This final report project is written based on the job training activities in SDN Ngoresan 80, Surakarta. The purpose of this final project is to describe the English teaching-learning activities, the problems and their solutions. The writer did class observation during the job training. In this activity, the writer checked the class condition, the students and the equipment in the class. He also made a lesson plan to guide his English practice. The teaching learning activity consists of warming up, explanations, practice and assessments. The writer found some problems during the job training. They came from the students and the writer as teacher. The students’ problems were indiscipline, laziness, English spelling and pronunciation. The teacher’s problems were lack of time, big class and lack of additional materials. The problems were overcome as follows. The problems of laziness and in discipline were overcome by giving appreciation to them who got the best score or could answer the question and making the teaching learning English more interesting. The problems of pronunciation and English spelling were overcome by correcting them to read many vocabularies and giving writing test such as filling missing words. The problems of lack of time and materials were overcome by setting the time schedule effectively and providing new materials from internet or the other books. The problem of big class was overcome by making group which consists of four students or more.