Communication Channels In Sahid University Surakarta (Usahid)

Oleh :
Azis Fitri Ady - C.9309022 - Fak. Sastra dan Seni Rupa

This final project report is written based the job training done at SAHID University Surakarta (USAHID) for one month in Public Relations and Admission division (HUMAS & PMB). The writer did some jobs during on the job training in Public Relations and Admission division (HUMAS & PMB) of SAHID University Surakarta (USAHID) such as: helping input the results of students’ questionnaire, preparing the equipments for personal presentation, conducting personal presentation in senior high school (accompanied by Public Relations Officers), etc. The aims of this final project report are to evaluate the effectiveness of communication channels, especially establishing mutual relations with opinion leader, and personal presentation based on the existing condition and to propose improvement in the existing communication channels (establishing mutual relations with opinion leader, and personal presentation) in this university. The data of this report were gained by doing interview and observation in SAHID University Surakarta (USAHID) Establishing mutual relations with opinion leader and personal presentation are effective communication channels, because the aims of these communication channels that are to introduce and build public knowledge about SAHID University Surakarta (USAHID) in a region have been achieved, but in the implementation of personal presentation still has many weaknesses. Thus, the writer proposes improvement to make the two communication channels more effective. The proposals are planning meeting schedule and agenda with opinion leaders carefully to make establishing mutual relations with opinion leader more effective, and composing specialized presentation team, improving the personnel’s ability in delivering presentation, using more supporting media and equipments in conducting personal presentation, and being more creative and innovative in designing personal presentation events to make personal presentation more effective. Hopefully, this final project report can be a reference for the Public Relations and admission division (HUMAS&PMB) of SAHID University Surakarta (USAHID) to make the existing communication channels more effective, in order to get maximum results.