The Reception Of Local Costumers On America Fast Food: A Case On Pizza Hut Slamet Riyadi Solo

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Berlian Aris Thocrat - C.1306033 - Fak. Sastra dan Seni Rupa

This research was conducted to know about the reception of local customers on American fast food. It also explains the reason that influences customers consuming Pizza Hut and the factors that influences customers to consume fast food (Pizza Hut) using globalization and consumer behavior approach. It is a descriptive qualitative research which takes purposive sampling technique. The data of this research are from questioner and interview to the respondents at Pizza Hut restaurant. The respondents was determined using purposive sampling based on sex occupation and income. The researcher analyzed 61 respondents on questioner data and 8 respondents on interview data. From the analysis, the researcher found that there are three reasons of the respondents to consume at Pizza Hut; there are desire, affordability and product. And it is also found in the factors that influence customers to consume at fast food because of media information, American value and culture, which are ease and practicality. The researcher hopes that this research can be used as a reference to study about the reception of local customers toward American fast food since this research was taken from case study on Pizza Hut as the reflection of American fast food franchise.