The Process Of English Teaching And Learning Of The 5th Graders At Sd Negeri 1 Pulutan Kulon Wuryantoro, Wonogiri Final Project Report Submitted As A Partial Requirement In Obtaining Degree In The English Diploma Program, Faculty Of Letters And Fine Ar

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Ridwan Pahlawi - C.9308115 - Fak. Sastra dan Seni Rupa

This final project report is written based on the writers’ job training experience which has been done for three months at SD Negeri 1 Pulutan Kulon Wonogiri. The data of this report is collected from the observation and teaching experience at the school. The objectives of this report are to describe the process of English teaching and learning and to describe the problems and solutions found out during the job training. In the process of English teaching and learning, the writer gave a number of activities. First, the students were given a warming up to attract the students’ attention to focus on the lesson. After that, the material was taught directly in front of the class. The writer gave the copies of materials to the students as a reference. The writer also provided the materials with the exercises related to the topic. In the job training process, the writer found four problems. The first problem was the writers’ difficulty in handling the students in the classroom. The second problem was the students’ difficulty in learning English – in mastering vocabulary, spelling the words and pronouncing the words. The third problem was limited time of teaching. The last problem was the students’ difficulty in using English as a means of communication. The process of teaching and learning of SD Negeri 1 Pulutan Kulon Wonogiri was successfully done. Its’ shown that the students had a good mark for the assessment.