Pelabelan Selimut (A; D)-H-Anti Ajaib Super Pada Graf Fan, Sun, Dan Generalized Petersen

Oleh :
Karyanti - M0108051 - Fak. MIPA

A graph G admits an (a; d)-H-antimagic covering if there is a bijective function _ : V (G)?E(G) ? {1; 2; : : : ; |V (G)|+|E(G)|} such that for all subgraphs H' isomorphic to H, the H-weights w(H') = _v?V (H')_(v) + _e?E(H')_(e) constitute an arithmetic progression a; a+d; a+2d; : : : ; a+(t-1)d where a and d are positive integers and t is the number of subgraphs of G isomorphic to H. Additionally, G is said to be an H-super antimagic covering if f(V ) = {1; 2; : : : ; |V |} where s(f) is a super antimagic sum. The aims of this research are to _nd (a; d)-C3-antimagic covering on fan for d ? {2; 4}, (a; d)-K1;3-antimagic covering on sun (Sn) for n odd, and (a; d)-K1;3- antimagic covering on generalized Petersen (GPn;k) for n odd. The method of this research is a literary study and experiment. As the result of this research there are six theorems which explain (a; d)-H- super antimagic covering on fan, sun, and generalized Petersen graph.