A Translation Analysis Of English Pun In The Serial Tv “Ally Macbeal” Season 1-3

Oleh :
Dinar Fitria Rushadi - C1307504 - Fak. Teknik

This thesis emphasizes on the phenomenon of pun which is taken from TV series “Ally MacBeal” season 1-3. It is conducted to investigate the types of pun, the translation techniques used by the translator and to rate accuracy and acceptability level. The research objectives are to describe the types of pun, to find out the translation technique applied by translator, and assess the accuracy and acceptability level on the translated pun. Descriptive qualitative research design is used on this research. It means that this research merely describes the fact which is seen on the source of data. In this research, the data are dialogues containing pun which are taken from TV series “Ally MacBeal” season 1-3 by using purposive sampling. In gaining data, researcher employs two methods of data collection, they are content analysis and in depth interview which use questionnaire namely open-ended questionnaire as instrument. In order to get reliable result, those questionnaires, later on, are distributed to the three key informants. From total data 23 (100%), there are 19 data (82, 6%) classified into vertical pun and the rest 4 data (13,4%) are horizontal pun. Meanwhile, based on degree of similarity there are five types of pun: paronymic 15 (65, 21%), homophonic 3 (13,04%), polysemic 2 (8, 75%), nicknaming 2 (8, 75%) and homonymic 1 (4, 35%). In this research, there are four translation techniques applied: a SL pun translated into a similar TL pun, a SL pun copied into TL pun, a pun translated into a non-pun but keeping one of sense ambiguity only, and a pun translated into a punoid or pseudo-wordplay through the adaptation of rhetorical devices especially rhymes. The result of open-ended questionnaire to accuracy level shows that mostly of English pun are rendered accurately in Indonesia by average on the point 1.3. There are 13 (56, 52%) accurate translation and 10 (43, 48%) data are less accurate translation. While, open-ended questionnaire to acceptability level shows that only a few of English pun are translated naturally in Indonesia. The average of acceptability level is on the 1.5 which are 16 (69, 57%) data are less acceptable pun and 7 (30, 43%) data are acceptable pun. The researcher recommends to enrich translator abilities in order to strategies in translating certain pun. Since this study is taken source of data from audio-visual media, the researcher suggests to conduct other researcher uses printed document such as: comic, ads and novel as source of data. Change the problem statements are also highly recommended in order to enlarge the scope of this study.