Optimalisasi pemungutan retribusi atas pedagang kaki lima dibawah pengelolaan kantor pengelolaan pedagang kakilima guna meningkatkan pendapatan asli daerah Kota Surakarta

Oleh :
Ida Rosyida DK - F3404030 - Fak. Ekonomi dan Bisnis


In line with going into effect of region autonomy pushing Local Government have to able to manage and optimal its earnings from entire potency owned by the region. Optimize the Region Original Earnings can be conducted by through the regulation and policy of Region which is can be exploited widely, real, and holding responsible.

Surakarta Town representing finite town of the Experienced Energy Resources and also its region. With its limitation expected by an existing potency able to give the optimal contribution for defrayal of region enableness. o ne potency which is enough add the earnings Surakarta Town is Sidewalk Trader. Sidewalk Traders representing o ne of unit informal effort form which sharing and owning added value for Original Earnings inclusion of Region, specially sector of Retribution collection. Realize the Retribution collection to Sidewalk Trader from year to year able to fulfill the target have been specified and even there exceeding target that have been specified by Government of Surakarta Town.

This Research type is descriptive qualitative, out for explanation, depicting, and making interpretation, and also analyze the existing data. Technique of data collecting using interview by resource person assumed understand and reliably. Technique of Analysis data used by analyze interactive models.

Pursuant to conducted research result, target attainment conducted by Management of Sidewalk Trader Office influenced by the existence of execution Retribution collection system. System run in Management of Sidewalk Trader Office have good enough, in this case have conducted the function dissociation, the document which have serial number print, accountancy note which can be pledged by its truth, money endorsement every day, and financial reporting per month. Effort by conducting persuasive approach with door to door system to Sidewalk Trader expected can be optimal this Retribution collection of Sidewalk Trader so that target which have been specified by Local Government can be existed, and even will always exceed the target which have been specified.


Keyword: sidewalk trader, sidewalk trader management office, earning area