Kajian Kekuatan Tarik Sambungan Bambu Menggunakan Isian Mortar

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Ida Nugroho Saputro - - Fak. KIP

The problem of using bamboo related to bamboo strength as it generally has a very low strength considering bamboo bars arrangement that often done conventionally. Connection using nail or dowel, then direction of fiber which in lined with shear strength lead to bamboo broken. Connection using rope based on shear force between rope and bamboo or shear force between bamboos. Hence conventional connection of bamboo has a low strength, then that strength can not be used optimally. This research about strength of bamboo connection using mortar filler to its tension strength using 1 bolt with 12 mm diameter. Mortar filler has ratio of cement to sand 1 : 3 with water cement ratio 0,6. Testing of connection strength conducted with angle of pulling 0°, 30°, 60°, and 90° to bamboo fiber direction. In addition, to identify effect of clamp usage. The testing conducted with hydraulic jack that installed to loading frame. Result of this research showed that clamp usage lead to strength increase 4,13 %. Connection strength decrease happened as the angle of pulling more and more. The lowest strength with angle 90° is 8,34 KN and the highest of connection strength with angle 0° is 25,51 KN. The mortar filler hole position did not influence connection strength. Comparison between theory and experiment was adjacent, therefore proposed equation can be used.