Pengaruh integrasi internal logistik/markating dan integrasi eksternal terhadap kinerja perusahaan jasa perdagangan

Oleh :
Aris Widi Setiawan - F0202031 - Fak. Ekonomi dan Bisnis

ABSTRAK Highly competitive environments are leading companies to implement Supply Chain Management (SCM) to improve performance and gain a competitive advantage. Implementation of SCM involves integration, co-ordination, and collaboration across organization and through the supply chain. Integration, representing one of factor SCM, having two function to run its duty, that is internal (intraorganisational) and external ( interorganisational) integration. This paper examines the logistics-marketing interfaces and their influence to the external integration process. The study also investigates the influence of these internal and external relationship on the company’s logistical service performance (absolute performance) which includes reduction in the cost to serve, cost reduction in the transport, cost reduction in order process, stock-out reduction and a lead time reduction. This research take sample a number of 102 retail commerce companies, which have located in three areas, Surakarta city, Sukoharjo city, and Karanganyar city. Method of collecting data by questioner given direct to responder, and using purposive non random sampling as a technique choosing sampling. To analyze this, Structural Equation Modeling ( SEM) is used for test analysis. Result of research indicates that internal logistic/marketing integration have positive influence to external integration with Critical Ratio value (CR) 3,963, external integration have positive influence to performance with CR value 0,660, and internal logistic/marketing have negative influence to performance with CR value - 0,309. From the finding result, the retail commerce companies should to improve their information flow and human resources to make logistical service performance (absolute performance) perfectly.