Penerapan metode forecast penjualan dalam penyusunan anggaran penjualan pada CV. Seti-Aji Sukoharjo

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Dian Ayu Kusumastuti - F3304156 - Fak. Ekonomi dan Bisnis

ABSTRACS Along with times, the business world in globalization period is increasingly showing high competition and productivity level, so that it inevitably that the company need an exact, systematic and responsible planning. With the existed planning, the company activities can be fluently streamed so that it can be reach the company’s goal, that is gaining the optimum profit. One of the supporting plan on the ongoing company activities is compiling the trade budget. The trade budget is the basic of other budgeting arrangement and generally compiled at first before the other budget arrangement. The main basic in the trade budgeting arrangement is the results of trading forecast which conducted with certain method. The trading forecast is a method to estimate or measure the trading level in the future, based on trading data from the previous year. Thisstudy is conducted in publisher and printing company CV. Seti-Aji Sukoharjo with the aim is to know the estimation of trading forecast in the future using the half-average method, least square method, moment method and quadratic method and to know which method having the lowest score in Forecast Eror Standard. The used data as the analysis and explanation is LKS Cerdas, LKS Pupin and LKS Pinta trading data during 2001 to 2006. According to the result of data analysis and explanation about the trading forecast using the half-average method, least square method, moment method and quadratic method, then can be concuded that amongst the fourth methods used, the quadratic method is having the lowest Forecast Error Standar score, that is of 264,153,606 for LKS Cerdas, 232,129,791 for LKS Pupin, and 81,087,663 for LKS Pista. These proved that the quadratic method is the most appropriate method to be used in CV. Seti-Aji in arranging their trading forecast.