CD Pembelajaran Tematik Untuk Sekolah Dasar Kelas 1 Semester 1 Bertema Keluarga Berbasis Adobe Flash

Oleh :
Titik Susilowati - M3110150 - Fak. MIPA

Education is one of the means which is forming a human to experience a progress. In addition, world of education can be developed rapidly through the development curriculum and technology. To support the development and progress in the world of education it is required to make a new method which makes easily for students and teachers in the teaching and learning processes, typically to create interactive learning CD. The development of interactive learning CD has been used Waterfall method. This method uses some gradually process beginning from analysis, design, development and testing. Learning CD has been made based on curriculum of KTSP 2006 and used adobe flash as the software. In this research produced Family Thematic Learning CD contains the course material, exercise in the form of game and evaluation. Keywords: Multimedia, Interactive Learning CD, Adobe Flash