Pendengar Radio Program Acara Request Music Dan Kesenjangan Kepuasan (Analisis Kesenjangan Kepuasan Pendengar Radio Dalam Mendengar Program Acara “Kongkow-Kongkow” Solo Radio Dan Program Acara “Jokey Three In One” Ptpn Radio Di Kalangan Siswa-Siswi Smu

Oleh :
Christanto Budi Raharjo - D1208532 - Fak. ISIP

This study begins by the high level of the radio attack to the teenagers in Surakarta. Besides, the luster of music request program in Solo region, especially Solo Radio and PTPN Rasitania, which both of them are the most famous and competing radio instances. Each also has a radio program, which has some similarities in its concept that is Kongkow-Kongkow of Solo Radio and Jokey Three in One of PTPN. Because of that, the writer tries to study the satisfaction discrepancy and which media from the two programs that more fulfils and satisfies the needs of SMU Negeri 7 students in Surakarta. The aim of this study is to find out the satisfaction discrepancy of the listeners of Kongkow-Kongkow program in Solo Radio and Jokey Three in One program in PTPN Radio. This study belongs to a survey study. Survey is a research method by using questionnaire as its data-collecting instrument. Its purpose is to find some information about a number of respondents who are representing such a population. In this study, the sampling technique uses census. Census, basically is a survey research, which it takes all the members of the population as its respondents. The writer’s reason using census is because all of the population still can be reached out to be examined by the writer. The taken data are analyzed by using Discrepancy formula. Its processing uses cross tabulation, in which it intersects the GS items with the GO items. From the result of the intersection, the writer will know the discrepancy level of each item. After the writer knows the discrepancy level, the writer will also know which media that more satisfies its respondents based on the proposed question items. From the analysis done by the writer, it can be known that the satisfaction discrepancy level of the two programs, are grouped into different categories. Then it is also known from the fulfillment of the needs, Kongkow-Kongkow program is able to fulfill its listeners’ need only in five items from the 13 items, whereas Jokey Three in One program is able to fulfill its listeners’ needs in eight items from the 13 need items. So that, from this analysis, the writer can conclude that Jokey Three in One program is more satisfies its listeners based on the more need that can be fulfilled.
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