Translation analysis on proper and common nouns in j.r.r tolkiens’ novel: the hobbit and its translation the hobit by A. Adiwiyoto

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Catur Yaya Pangistuningsih - - Fak. Sastra dan Seni Rupa

ABSTRAK This research is a descriptive qualitative whereas the researcher only collects the data, classifies, and analysis them, and which were obtained by purposive sampling technique. This research is aimed at finding out the strategies used in translating the proper or common nouns in J.R.R Tolkiens’ Novel, “ The Hobbit” translated into Indonesia, i.e. “The Hobbit” by A. Adiwiyoto The results of the data analysis show that there are: (1) Personal Names are translated through 2 strategies, Exoticism and Calque, which 33 of 55 data are translated by using Exoticism and the rest are translated by calque; (2) there are 12 data Temporal names are translated through 3 strategies, (1) Exoticism, (1) Transliteration and (10) Calque; (3) Geographical names are translated by Exoticism (3 data), Calque (27 data). It was found that there are deletion (5 data) since TL (Indonesia) doesn’t have appropriate equivalent The research is significant for the teacher. The results will provide knowledge about the proper or common noun and also about the strategies that are used by translator in translating proper and common noun For students, it is expected that the result increases their knowledge and ability in analyzing translation