The Analysis Of Apologizing Expressions Uttered By The Characters In The Film Entitled “Tooth Fairy” (Pragmatics Approach)

Oleh :
Nurani Ayuningtias - C0308087 - Fak. Sastra dan Seni Rupa

The research was conducted to identify the types of apology strategy, to describe the factors which determine the choice strategy of apology used by the characters and to describe the function of apologizing expression in the film entitled “Tooth Fairy”. The research used pragmatics approach with apologizing as the topic analysis. This research is a descriptive qualitative research that takes total sampling. All dialogs containing apologizing expressions in the film were taken as data. There were 18 data employing apologizing expressions. The data were analyzed using Anna Trosborg’s theory of apology classification, Fraser’s theory in describing the factors which determine the choice of apology and also the function of apologizing expressions. The result of the research shows that there are seven types of apology strategy in the film, namely expression of regret, request of forgiveness, explicit explanation, expression of self deficiency, expressing concern for hearer, offer of repair, and explicit acknowledgement. The factors that determine the choice of apology are the nature of infraction, the severity of the infraction, the situation in which the infraction occurred, the relative familiarity between the participants. From the four factors, the situation in which the infraction occurred gives more influences to the choice of strategy of apology. The function also influences the use of strategy of apology. There are four functions of strategy of apology including maintaining the harmony between the characters, restoring interactional balance, with the offended, reducing the strained situation, and reducing/preventing the anger. Hopefully, this research can be useful for other researchers who are interested on studying about apologizing expressions and they may analyze it from different point of view and from other data source such as novel and drama.