Studi sifat optik lapisan tipis berpola graded index pada kaca nd:alumunium fluoride yang dibuat dengan metode pertukaran ion

Oleh :
Joko Maryanto - - Fak. MIPA

Research about fabrication and characterization waveguide are addressed to know influence of time diffusion (t) to waveguide appearance (refractive index (n), thickness/diffusion deepness (d), and amount of wave mode (m)). Glass that used as substrat is Nd:Alumunium Fluoride glass. Method that used is method of ion exchange with ion of diffusion Ag+ from 100% AgNO3 melt. Diffusion are conducted at temperature 300oC with time variation 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 minute. Value measurement refractive index uses Refraktometer ABBE and measurement of wave mode amount that formed in waveguide use method of coupling prism. Result characterization of glass waveguide indicates that change of refractive index at glass surface waveguide result of ion exchange tends to constant, until change of refractive index not bases on time diffusion. There are two bright spot patterns that can be observed: circular bright spot full pattern and split pattern. Circular full pattern shows not happened waveguide (light wave not coupling). Split pattern is indicate that light wave coupling. The bright spot pattern as this is show waveguide at thin film. From perception about bright spot pattern can be observed that when time diffusion 1 minute got amount of wave mode 4 modes, time diffusion 2, 3, and 5 minute got amount of wave mode 5 modes, and for time diffusion 7 minute are got amount of wave mode 12 modes.