English teaching and learning activities in SDN Banmati 03 Sukoharjo

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Siti Handayani - - Fak. Sastra dan Seni Rupa

2007. This final project was written based on job training, which has been done by the writer on January until March, 2007 in SDN Banmati 03 Sukoharjo. The purposes of this final project are to describe the English teaching and learning activities in SDN Banmati 03 Sukoharjo, to show the difficulties of English teaching and learning faced by the teacher and the students, and also to give the solutions for those problems. By observing the class, interviewing the students and directly teaching at the third grade class, the writer could write the final project report completely. The writer uses some procedures in English teaching and learning process. The procedures are greeting, explaining the materials, giving exercise and ending the lesson. The materials were taken from “English Friendly” and a student worksheet “Challenger”. Completing the material, the writer also took some tasks from other books. During the teaching and learning process, there are some difficulties. The difficulties are related to the problems of both the teacher and students. The problems of the students are memorizing English words, spelling, pronouncing, and writing. Meanwhile, the problems of the teacher are uncooperative students and no handbook for the students. The writer also gave the solutions to solve the difficulties. The solutions consist of solutions to solve the student’s condition and the problems of the teacher. Besides, the writer included some activities such as playing games and singing a song. It is useful for the students to motivate the students to practice English