Pengaruh kepuasan dan motivasi kerja terhadap Kinerja tenaga kesehatan keperawatan Di rumah sakit Sarila Husada Kabupaten Sragen

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Sumarni - S. 5411081 - Pascasarjana

Background: Hospital is the first line of advanced health services facility, Nurses and midwives are the main human resources, they are required to give high quality of work out comes. Factors that influence are Working Satisfaction and Motivation. Purpose: This research is analyzing influence of Working Satisfaction (X1) to the Work Activity (Y), influence of Working Motivation (X2 ) to the Work Activity (Y), influence of Satisfaction (X1) Influence of the Working Motivation (X2) to the Working Out Comes of Nursing Care (Y). Population of this research object is nursing group. This population becomes the sample too. Methods: This research uses Cross- Sectional Analytic Observational method, collecting data with questioners, sample 60, researd to maret 2013 and data analyzing with double linear regressed analyzing. Results: The summaries were found with Multivariate Analyzing Hypotheses method show significantly results of Influence of Working Satisfaction (X1) to the Working Activity (Y) (b=0,29; p=0,016), Working Motivation (X2) to the Working Activity (Y) (b=0,33; p=0,001), and the test results show that working motivation variable has bigger influence than working satisfaction variable with adjure