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Rabiah Abdurruhman Omar - A121302038 - Sekolah Pascasarjana

Rabiah Abdurruhman Omar, A 121302038 (Physical Activity And
Osteoporosis Fracture Among Older Women in Malaysia) THES?S Sport
Science Program Study, Post Graduate Program, Sebelas Maret University
Surakarta, April 2014. Advisor (1) Prof. Dr. Sugiyanto. (2) Prof. Dr. Agus
Osteoporosis is a major age related disease affecting millions of women
throughout the world. In premenopausal women, high-impact exercise has been
suggested to be the most effective regimen. In women the loss of bone mass
accelerates as they go through menopause due to a reduction in estrogen level. To
study the relationship of physical activity in three levels of mild, moderate, and
vigorous on bone strength which presents osteoporosis risk, factors such as age,
race, weight, social class, educational level, menopause age, past medical history,
smoking, and drinking alcohol were selected and the correlation among them were
The results showed that Menopause age was positively correlated with
medical history, BMD levels, drinking habit, smoking habit, and negatively
correlated with mild exercise “physical activities 1”. Medical history is positively
associated with BMD levels. Smoking habit was positively associated with
drinking habit and negatively correlated with moderate exercise “physical
activities 2” and level of BMD. Drinking habit was negatively correlated with
BMD levels and positively correlated with mild exercise “physical activities 1”
and moderate exercise “physical activities 2”. Drug usage history was positively
with early menopause age, medical history, social class and negatively correlated
with mild exercise “physical activity 1” and moderate exercise “physical activities
2”. Mild exercise “physical activities 1” was positively associated with moderate
exercise “physical exercise 2” and vigorous exercise “physical exercise 3” and
negatively correlated with BMD levels. Moderate exercise “physical activity 2”
was positively correlated with vigorous exercise “physical activities 3” and
negatively associated with BMD levels. This study indicated that there is
significant relationship between physical activity and osteoporosis risk among
Malaysian women of 50 years and older.
Keywords: Osteoporosis, Physical activity, and Fracture.

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