A Comparative Study Between Buzz Groups Method and Direct Instruction Method in Teaching Reading (An Experimental Study at the 12th Grade of SMA Muhammadiyah 1 Karanganyar in the Academic Year of 2014/ 2015)

Oleh :
Rahma Fawzia Wijayadi - K2210066 - Fak. KIP

The total number of population is 250 students coming from seven classes. The sampling method of the research is cluster random sampling. From the population, two classes were taken randomly as the sample. The samples are class XII IPS I as experimental group which consists of 44 students, and class XII IPS III as the control group which consists of 44 students. The research instrument used to collect the data in this study is test. The data were analyzed by using t-test formula. The computation of the data shows that: (1)there is a significant difference in reading skill between the students taught by using Buzz Groups Method and the students taught by using Direct Instruction; and (2)the group taught by using Buzz Groups Method has a better reading skill than the group taught by using Direct Instruction Method. In other words, Buzz Groups Method is more effective than Direct Instruction Method to teach reading.

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