The representation of femininity as a power in katy perry’s music video

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Karolina Kristiani Putri - C.0308043 - Fak. Sastra dan Seni Rupa

This is a research on femininity in Katy Perry’s music video. This research is conducted to explain how three Katy Perry’s music videos “Firework”, “E.T”, and “Wide Awake” represent women’s femininity as a power in this era. Those three music videos are published in http://www.youtube.comas the site of videos sharing.
This research is descriptive qualitative research. The primary data are images; lyrics; music; settings; make up and costume; lighting; facial expressions; gazes and colors. Secondary data consists of journal, articles and books.
This research is conducted under the framework of American Studies. It uses some theories and approaches to analyze the music videos. Semiotics theory, Post-colonial feminist theory and Music Video analysis are used to answer the research question. From the analysis, it is found that first, feminist women had found that their body is their power; not because of its form or its size, but because of its function. Second, feminist also found that technology as the new invention can be adapted by women to create a new form of feminist women power. The last, women have realized and found that the new power of feminist women is what they have inside: their inner power, personality and femininity.
Keywords: Popular Culture, Music Videos, Post-colonial Feminist, Power, Women