Governance Of Solo's Street Vendors : A Critical Analysis Based On Empirical Research

Oleh :
Sudarmo - - Fak. ISIP

The thesis based o n fieldwork makes a contribution in so far as it details a range of strategies used by the elites to maintain their interests at the expense of those eking out an existence o n the margins of society. The thesis gives insights into the lives and life chances of the street traders who do not form an homogenous group. Some are more powerful than others. Their survival depends o n creating connections with the powerful. Strategies for survival are detailed alongside the strategies of the powerful to control them. The thesis develops a case as to how the informal sector is used to enable the survival of the street traders and how they also use the fines and licenses to fund the bureaucracy of Solo. It also explains how the officials are encouraged to collect the daily fee from street vendors to increase the locally raised revenue. The thesis details the corrupt practices involved. Hence the paradoxical role of managing the traders – o n the o ne hand the informal sector provides a livelihood for the traders and o n the other hand their control provides a livelihood for some of the state officials or fee collectors. Solo traders are managed through strategies to categorize them in terms of the extent to which they are quiet or noisy, clean or dirty, moral or immoral, legal or illegal, o ne of us or not o ne of us.