Hubungan Skemata dengan Kemampuan Membaca Pemahaman

Oleh :
Muh. Asrori - 196010151987021001 - Fak. KIP

Schemata are cognitive frameworks or concepts that help organize and interpret
information. Schemata can be useful because they allow us to take shortcuts in
interpreting the vast amount of information that is available in our environment.
This article is intended to report a correlational research on schemata and reading
comprehension ability. Sample consisting of 40 students was taken by means of
multistage random sampling from the second semester students of Mathematic and
Science Departments of one of state university in Surakarta as the population. The
instuments used to take the data include document of shemata for variable X and test
of reading cmprehension ability for variable Y. The technique of analyzing data is
simple correlation and regression. The result shows that there is a positive
correlation between schemata and reading comprehension ability (r = 0,82 dan r2 =
0,6727) This indicates that schemata give high contribution to reading
comprehension ability and this means that schemata are good predctor for reading
comprehension ability. The implication is that teachers have to consider the aspects
of schemata in developing students’ reading comprehension ability.
Keywords: schemata, reading comprehension ability, correlational study


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