The Analysis of Translation Techniques and Quality of Colloquial Expressions in the Film We’re The Millers

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Dewi Ratih - C0309023 - Fak. Sastra dan Seni Rupa

This research is focused to find out the translation techniques which are applied in translating colloquial expressions, and to assess the accuracy and acceptability of the colloquial expressions in the subtitle film We’re the Millers.
This research is a descriptive qualitative research. There are 74 data colloquial expressions in the form of single word in the film entitled We’re the Millers. The translation quality of accuracy and acceptability aspects are also assessed by the three informants as the rater.
From all of the data which are found, there are eleven translation techniques that are applied. They are established equivalent with 50 data out of 74 data, pure borrowing with 7 data, naturalized borrowing with only 1 datum, particularization with 4 data, adaptation with 2 data, generalization with 4 data, modulation with 3 data, literal translation with 1 datum, variation with 1 datum, amplification with 1 datum, and reduction with 1 datum. In this research, the dominant technique that is applied is established equivalent.
The result of the analysis of translation accuracy shows that there are 63 data accurate, 11 data less accurate, and no data for inaccurate translation. From the analysis of the acceptability, there are 67 data that belong to acceptable translation, 7 data less acceptable, and no data for unacceptable.
This research is expected to be able to use as a reference for English Department students and other researchers who interest in translation study, especially for them who analyze about colloquial expression in the form of single word.