Teaching English Vocabulary to the Second Grade Students of SD Al Firdaus

Oleh :
Sylvia Indrihastuti - C9312059 - Fak. Sastra dan Seni Rupa

This final project report was written based on the job training done by me in SD Al Firdaus Surakarta. The aims of this final project report is to describe the process of teaching English vocabulary to the second grade students of SD Al Firdaus Surakarta and to show the problems faced by me and the students and to give solutions to the problems.
I wrote the final project report based on the data collected by teaching the second grade students of SD Al Firdaus Surakarta. The process of teaching consists of greeting the students, checking attendance of the students, reviewing the last material, explaining the material, doing exercises and ending the lessons. The material of teaching English Vocabulary is taken from Platinum book, Erlangga book and Internet.
In the teaching process I and the students faced some problems. My problems were time management and pronunciation. The problems of the students were pronunciation, remembering the letter of words and afraid to answer question. To solve my problems and the students’ problems, I gave solution. The solution for time management was I added time management in lesson plan. The solution for pronunciation was I always practiced how to pronounce difficult words using dictionary software. The solution for the student’s pronunciation was I gave video vocabulary. The solution for remembering the letter of words was I gave more written and spoken exercises.