Homosexual Stereotype as Constructed in “Milk”

Oleh :
Irma Sarivika Anggraini - C1311004 - Fak. Sastra dan Seni Rupa

Homosexuality is considered as taboo by a majority of people in the world. Nevertheless, homosexuality continues to become an interesting topic in literary studies, for example about the stereotype of homosexual. The objective of this study is to explain how Milk portrays of homosexual stereotype in America and to explain how the homosexual character in this movie challenges the heteronormativity norms.
This research is a descriptive qualitative research that takes Milk as its source of data. The primary data consists of character, setting, lighting, dialogue, and other cinematography elements of the movie. It is also supported by secondary data taken from journals, books, articles, websites, and other related references. This research is conducted under American Studies Framework. As consequences, it employs interdisciplinary study that needs several theories and approaches, they are semiotic film theory, socio-cultural approach, and queer theory.
The finding of this research shows that the movie Milk portrays homosexual men stereotype through some plots, characters, dialogues, scenes, and settings. Homosexual men are stereotyped as effeminate, feminine, emotional, and jealous. They are also stereotyped as HIV AIDS and closed. The movie is also successful in challenging heteronormativity norms.
Keywords: homosexual, stereotype, gender-roles, mise-en-scene, queer theory, socio-cultural.