Improving students’ listening ability using jigsaw technique ( A classroom Action Research in Third Year Students of Science Department one (XII IPA-1) SMA Negeri 1 Kandat in 2008/2009 Academic Year)

Oleh :
Muhammad Yasin - - Pascasarjana

This thesis is written to improve students’ listening ability. The problem highlighted in this research is the low listening ability of Third Year Students of Science Department One (XII IPA-1) of SMA Negeri 1 Kandat - Kediri in understanding spoken language that is caused by (1) the uninteresting activities in learning listening; (2) the students’ difficulties in responding short functional text, interpersonal expressions, transactional expressions, identifying the topic, detail information of spoken monologue text; and (3) the students’ low motivation of learning. The research is conducted in two cycles from July to December 2008 in the Third Year Student of Science Department One (XII IPA-1) of Senior High School 1 Kandat – Kediri. The procedures of research consist of identifying the problems, planning the action, implementing the action, observing the action, and reflecting the result of the research. In collecting the data, the researcher uses observational technique supported by tests. The observational technique includes observation collaborators’ notes, teacher’s diaries, field notes, photographs, and document analysis in the form of the students’ work. The tests are in the form of pretest and posttest. In this research, the researcher acts as the teacher who conducts the action research in the classroom and he is helped by collaborators. In analyzing the data, he uses Constant Comparative Method and comparison between the result of the students’ pretest and posttest to answer the researcher questions. The result of the research shows that Jigsaw technique can improve the students’ listening ability. The improvements of students’ listening ability could be recognized from the improvement of the mean score of the pretest was 62.50, then the mean score of posttest after cycle 1 was 67.17, and the mean score of posttest after cycle 2 was 75.17. There are some benefits of implementing Jigsaw technique in teaching listening. First, they get more vocabulary meanings by conducting group work. Their critical thinking and speaking improve through expert group, and so do their achievements. Second, conducting various activities through Jigsaw can improve students’ motivation in learning listening. Anyhow, there are some weaknesses of using Jigsaw technique in teaching listening. First, it is appropriate only for certain number of students. The number of students is at most 30 students. Second, the teacher must pay more attention to students’ diversities in ability. Through Jigsaw technique, the students can share their ideas with their friends. The teacher should be more active floating from one group to others. The institution should facilitate the teaching listening. The other researcher should prepare the planning of the research well and develop some dimensions, which have been observed deeply.