Students’ learning motivation and its contribution upon their willingness to speak english (A Case Study at Basic English Course, Pare, Kediri)

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Veronika Yuniastuti - S891208052 - Sekolah Pascasarjana

The objectives of the research are (1) to explore the students‘ motivation to learn English in Basic English Course Pare, Kediri; (2) to explore the factors that influence students‘ learning motivation in Basic English Course, Pare, Kediri; (3) to describe and explain how students‘ learning motivation promotes their willingness to speak English.
This is a descriptive qualitative study with nine students and five teachers of BEC, Pare, Kediri participated in the interview, and 50 students respondents responded to the questionnaires given in this study. The data for this research were taken via in-depth interview and passive participant observation, and secondary data was taken through administering questionnaire to students. In analyzing the data, the writer employed interactive analysis technique to derive theory from the data.
The result of the research revealed that: (1) High integrative and / or instrumental motivation as well as intrinsic and /or extrinsic motivation motivated students to study in Basic English Course; (2) the environment, strict rule enforcement, significance of other, the teacher and method affect students‘ learning motivation at BEC; (3) students learning motivation and students‘ willingness to speak English affect each other during students‘ learning at BEC.
It can be concluded that students could both highly integratively and instrumentally as well as intrinsically and extrinsically motivated to learn English as a foreign language as these two types of motivations cannot be separated one from another, are not exclusively secluded and both of the motivation types influence learning. With respect to the factors affecting students‘ learning motivation, learning environment, along with the rule enforcement, is considered as a very influential factor to language learning. In an English course in which students‘ main goal or motivation to learn is to be able to speak English, students‘ motivation plays a significance role upon their willingness to speak English. Learning motivation and willingness to speak English were proven to influence each other. It is important, however, for teacher to develop a fun motivating teaching method and to provide more exposure to English to the students. Since more exposure and the more practical daily use of English will give broader opportunity for learners to learn and acquire language faster, the policy maker should make policy that encourage students to use English in their daily life so that they can learn and acquire the language faster. And the curriculum developer should develop curriculum that give more study time with more exposure to English.
Keywords: learning motivation, willingness to speak English, English Course