Asita’s Promotion of Tourism Potentials in Surakarta Through Bengawan Solo Travel Mart 2015

Oleh :
Mifta Khuljanah - C9312045 - Fak. Sastra dan Seni Rupa

This final project report was written based on the job training at ASITA Surakarta which had been done from January 26, 2015 until February 26, 2015. The objective is to describe how ASITA promotes tourism potentials in Surakarta through Bengawan Solo Travel Mart 2015 (BTM).
Based on the observation that was done during the job training, ASITA Surakarta had several ways to promote the tourism potentials of Surakarta. One of the ways was holding events. It can be seen from the events that were held in Surakarta such as SIPA (Solo International Performing Art), SBC (Solo Batik Carnival), BTM (Bengawan Solo Travel Mart), etc.
Bengawan Solo Travel Mart 2015 was one of the events used to promote tourism potentials in Surakarta. In promoting the tourism potentials in Surakarta, ASITA had some activities in several tourist destinations in Surakarta, although the main event of this BTM was Table Top, that is, Camping in Tahura, Outbound in Kemuning tea garden, visiting Sukuh Temple, Sangiran Museum, etc. The role of the event was as a media promotion of tourism potentials of Surakarta.