The Roles Of Tourist Information Center (Tic) In Handling Public Relations Affairs In Disbudpar Surakarta

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Ganis Dian Ayu Puspitasari - : C9311032 - Fak. Ilmu Budaya

Ganis Dian AyuPuspitaSari. 2015. The Roles of Tourist Information Center ( 
TIC ) In Handling Public Relations Affairs In DISBUDPAR Surakarta. 
English Diploma Program, Faculty of Cultural Science, SebelasMaret 
 This final project report was written based on the job training done in 
Tourist Information Center (TIC) DISBUDPAR Surakarta located on Jl. Brigjen 
Slamet Riyadi 275 between Graha Wisata Niaga 
Hall and Radya  Pustaka Museum. The job training was done for a month, started 
on April 14, 2014 and it ended on May 14, 2014. 
 The objectives of this final project report are to describe the roles of TIC 
as Public Relations affairs at DISBUDPAR Surakarta and to identify problem in 
playing the roles of TIC as Public Relations at DISBUDPAR Surakarta and 
propose solutions. From those objectives, the writer expects that Tourist 
Information Center provides many services to the tourist, both domestic and 
foreign and have done the roles of TIC in handling the unavailability of PRO in 
DISBUDPAR Surakarta. 
 During the job training as the staff of Tourist Information Center, the 
writer experienced directly how to handle tourist, both domestic and foreign who 
came to TIC and several additional tasks to handle the in-house PR activities as 
communication technician, communication facilitator, problem-solving facilitator, 
and public relations agent. Besides, the writer also dealt with many different 
characters of peoples. 
 In conclusion, Tourist Information Center has two-functions in the same 
time, as an information provider and replacement of unavailability of PRO. 
Tourist Information Center is not only expected to complete its own duties but 
also demanded to be able to handle PR’s activities and roles. In this case, it is 
necessary for TIC to have skill in conducting an effective communication and 
building a harmonious relationship. 
 Hopefully, this final project report can be beneficial for the readers, 
especially those who are interested in Public Relations.