Improving Students’ Pronunciation in Speaking by Using Video (A Classroom Action Research at the Second Grade of SMP N 2 Binangun, Cilacap in the Academic Year of 2014/2015)

Oleh :
Rendi Kurniawan Syah - S891208040 - Pascasarjana

This thesis aims at (1) justifying whether video-based teaching can improve students? pronunciation in speaking, (2) finding out if video-based teaching can improve the students? motivation in learning pronunciation. From the pre-research observation on March 9th 2015, the problems could be identified as follows: (1) the students faced difficulties in pronouncing several vowel, diphthong, and consonant sounds, (2) students had low motivation in learning.
The research was conducted in SMP N 2 Binangun, Cilacap in the academic year of 2014/2015 from March 3, 2015 to April 11, 2015. The subject of the research was the second grade of SMP N 2 Binangun consisting of 36 students. The writer applied a classroom action research in his study. He proposed video as a media in teaching and learning process. The research was done in two cycles and each cycle had four meetings. There were four steps in conducting the research such as planning, acting, observing, and reflecting. In collecting the data, there were two kinds of data which classified into the quantitative and qualitative data. The quantitative data were in the form of students? scoresof oral test in the pre-test, post-test 1 and 2.Meanwhile, the qualitative data were collected through interview, classroom observation, field note, diaries, and questionnaire. The interview was given to the teacher and students. The questionnaire was given once to the students in the end of the research. In data analysis, quantitative data were analyzed by comparing the mean scores of pre and post-test, while the qualitative data were analyzed by using constant comparative method.
The research finding showed that the implementation of video in teaching and learning process could improve the students? pronunciation in terms of segmental features and the students? motivation. It could be seen from the result of the tests. The mean score of pre-test was 3.19 (63.8)in vowel sounds. In the post-test 1 and 2, it improved to 3.58 (71.6)and 3.80 (76.1).The mean score of diphthong sounds in pre-test was 3.02 (60.5),it improved to 3.41 (68.3)and 3.55 (71.1)in the post-test 1 and 2. The mean score of consonant sounds also improved. It was 3.13 (62.7)in pre test, and it improved to 3.52 (70.5)and 3.66 (73.3)in the post-test 1 and 2. Meanwhile, the improvement of students? motivation could be seen from the observation during the teaching and learning process. The students were motivated and looked enthusiastic in learning. They paid their attention to the material, and were more confident and active in the class by doing a discussion or even braved to ask questions to the teacher.
In conclusion, the implementation of video-based teaching can improve the students? pronunciation in speaking and motivation in learning as long as it is combined with an appropriate activity or method. Therefore, the English teachers should select carefully suitable activities in teaching pronunciation by using video.
Keywords: Pronunciation and Motivation, Classroom Action Research, Video