Enhancing Students’ Writing Skill Through Interactive Writing (A Classroom Action Research at the Tenth Grade of SMA Batik 2 Surakarta in the Academic Year 2014/ 2015)

Oleh :
Isna Ningtyas Soduwuh - K2211047 - Fak. KIP

Isna Ningtyas Soduwuh. K2211047. ENHANCING STUDENTS’ WRITING
at the Tenth Grade of SMA Batik 2 Surakarta in the Academic Year 2014/ 2015).
The first consultant: Drs. Muhammad Asrori, M.Pd. The second consultant: Hefy
Sulistyawaty, S.S., M.Pd. Thesis: English Education Department, Sebelas Maret
University. 2015.

This research was aimed to (1) investigate whether and to what extent
interactive writing enhance the students’ writing skill (2) describe the classroom
situation during the implementation of interactive writing in writing class. The
research was conducted at SMA Batik 2 Surakarta from January to August 2015.
The method of the research was Classroom Action Research. The subject of the
research was the tenth grade students of SMA Batik 2 Surakarta in the academic
year 2014/ 2015 which consisted of 33 students. The research was organized in
two cycles. Each cycle comprised planning, acting, observing and reflecting. The
qualitative data were gained through observation, survey, and interview. While,
the quantitative data were gained by assessing the students in the form of test. 
Some findings were obtained from this research. First, implementing
interactive writing was able to improve students’ writing skill. It could be seen
from the students mean score which increased from 64.18 to 72.45 in cycle 1 and
79.70 in cycle 2. Besides, the improvement of students writing skill covered the
improvement of all aspects of writing covering content, organization, vocabulary,
grammar, and mechanic. Second, implementing interactive writing in the writing
class brought better changes dealing with the classroom situation. It promoted the
classroom interaction as the interaction between the students to students as well as
the students to the teacher. Furthermore, there were teacher’s supports during
interactive writing. Besides, it promoted the students to be more active since
interactive writing was student-centered. The students were engaged more during
writing class. Last, the writing class was more enjoyable that affected to the
students’ motivation during writing class. 

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