The correlation between time and cost in the performance of building construction management

Oleh :
Jilawi Ramadan Mohamed Jilawi - S941302037 - Pascasarjana

Building construction is one of business that always show development because the number of people who need construction are increase. Unfortunately, this business often has problem especially on the success of building construction. Two problems that can influence the success of building construction are cost and time because those variables are relate each other. Therefore, this research will identify and analyze the correlation between time, cost and building construction.
This research was conducted with descriptive quantitative. This research used survey to 41 customers by questioonaire. Then, the answer of questionnaire was analyzed with SPSS and compare it to interview result.
Based on the questionnaire result, it was obtained that cost has 0,434 influence to building construction. It means that cost has middle influence on building construction. While time has 0.386 influence on building construction. Therefore, it can be concluded that cost gave higher impact on building construction than time because cost is correlate with quality of material, labor, heavy equipment and administration fee.
Keywords: Time, Cost, The Performance of Building Construction Management