Penerapan Metode Cerita Bergambar untuk Meningkatkan Kemampuan Berbahasa pada Anak Tunagrahita Sedang Kelas III di SDLB C1 Widya Bhakti Semarang Semester II Tahun Pelajaran 2014/2015

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Daryanti - X5213236 - Fak. KIP

This research aims to improve the abillty of speaking in materials of the story is simple everydayactivities through the application of the methods of picture story   on child mental retardation ere class III SDLB C1 Widya Bhakti Semarang. The research approach used in is the Classroom Action Research (PTK), which invites students to learn the method illustrated stories, with an emphasis on improving the subject of this study is retarded students were grade III SDLB C1 Widya Bhakti Semarang. Data collection techniques use the documents, tests andobservation. Data analysis technique is a comparative descriptive analysis and compare the initial values of the pre-action and at each cycle.
The results the analysis of the data show that the median value - average class IIIstudent learning outcomes in the pre-action cycle 55. I increased the value of learning outcomes into 65. Cycle II, the value of student learning outcomes 75. Teachers provide learning to apply the method illustrated stories to improve the language skills of students in terms of accuracy of the speech said. So it can be concluded that learning by using a picture story can enhancethe ability to speak interms of accuracygreetingthird grade students said Widya Bhakti Semarang Year 2014/2015.
Keywords: picture story method, language proficiency, children with intelectual disability