The Swot Analysis of Lymarais Tour and Travel Submitted as a Partial Requirements to Obtaining a Degree in English Diploma Program Faculty Of Cultural Sciences Sebelas Maret University

Oleh :
Eka Novia Krisdayanti - C9312025 - Fak. Sastra dan Seni Rupa

This project report was composed based on my internship experience done in Lymarais Tour and Travel for a month.
I observed and learned about the management of Lymarais Tour and Travel. Lymarais Tour and Travel provides many kinds of products and services. It has two kinds of product and service including tourism product and non-tourism product. Tourism product provides ticketing services, tour packages and hotel voucher services. Non-tourism product consist of travel document services and other services including tourism consultancy and payment of electricity bill, telephone, internet and hand phone balances.
I also attempted to do other observation about of the performance of Lymarais Tour and Travel by identifying its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats or also known as SWOT analysis. Based on the analysis, the agency has (1) five strengths: strategic location, many kinds of services, excellent services for the customers, having many official partners and cozy room, (2) the weaknesses: limited number of staff, small space, no parking lot and the unvailability of the marketing division, (3) the opportunities: able to be a reseller agency and being very popular in Gladag area, and (4) and three threats: competition, seasonal customers, possibility of losing customers and the location of this agency. The overall performance of Lymarais Tour and Travel is quite good but there is some aspect that the agency should pay more attention too.
Hopefully, this final project report can be a reference for Lymarais Tour and Travel to improve their management.