Teaching English Reading to the 5th Grade Students of Elementary School in SD N Bulukantil Surakarta

Oleh :
Maulidya Nuri Budianti - C9312043 - Fak. Sastra dan Seni Rupa

This final project report is written based on the job training which has been done in SD N Bulukantil Surakarta. The purposes of this final project are to describe the techniques of teaching English reading, to explain the problems of applying some techniques in teaching reading, and to find out the solutions of the problems faced in teaching reading to the fifth grade students of SD N Bulukantil, Surakarta.
I did class observation before the job training. I observed the school, class condition and the way of teaching and learning English. I also made a lesson plan before teaching in SD N Bulukantil Surakarta. There are five stages in teaching English reading to the fifth grade students of SD N Bulukantil Surakarta. The stages are: the pre-reading stage, beginning reading, developing reading fluency, increasing reading ability and the developing of reading interest, and enhancing and refining reading skill.
I used some techniques in teaching English reading. They are: question-answer, reading aloud, dialogue, games, intensive reading and translation. I applied the techniques into the stages of reading development. In pre-reading stage, I used question-answer technique. In beginning reading, I used reading aloud and dialogue as the technique. In developing reading fluency, I used reading aloud. Then, in the stage of increasing reading ability and developing of reading interest, I used question-answer and games as the technique. The last stage, enhancing and refining reading skill I used intensive reading and translation as the technique in teaching.
Based on the discussion in the job training, I found the problems in applying some techniques in teaching English reading. They spent many times in reading aloud and forgot to use verb „be?. The students got difficulty to translate some words in the text. In this case I gave the solutions to solve the problems. The solutions are changing the reading activity of a full text become reading some sentences, the solution in dialogue was to rectify directly, the solution in games was applying the additional point and reduction point, then the solution in translation was giving the meaning of difficult words.