Flouting of Maxims in the Smallville Television Series Episode 1 Season 1 (A Pragmatics Approach)

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Rukmi Ratri Widyaningrum - C1306067 - Fak. Sastra dan Seni Rupa

The research analyzed flouting of maxims in the Smallville televison series. The analysis was aimed to find the maxims that are commonly flouted and the implicatures resulted by the flouts of the maxim.
This is a descriptive qualitative research, using a pragmatics approach. The data in this research are the dialogs containing flouted maxims in the conversations of Smallville Television series episode 1 season 1. There are 17dialogs containing the flouting of maxims.
The results show that all types of maxims are flouted by the characters. Maxims of quality and relation are the most frequently flouted maxim (29.4 % each). Maxim of quantity is flouted less than those two maxims(23.5%) and maxim of manner is the least commonly flouted (17.6%). There are some ways to flout maxim of quality such as saying something which is lack of evidence, using figure of speech (hyperbole, satire, simile). Figure of speech is commonly used to flout the maxim of quality. Maxim of quantity is commonly flouted by giving more information than the situation is required. Maxim of relation is flouted in two ways,by giving irrelevant response and changing the subject or the topic of the conversation. Giving irrelevant response is commonly used to flout maxim of relation. Meanwhile the maxim of manner that is flouted by not being brief and orderly.
Those flouting maxims have their own implicatures related to the context of situation of each dialog which shows the reason why the characters flout the maxims. The characters tend to express utterances containing implicatures rather than to say the actual meaning in their utterances.
Keywords: flouting maxim, types of maxims flouted, ways to flout the maxims, implicature