Sistem Pemeliharaan Aset Berbasis Android untuk Bangunan Gedung (Studi Kasus Evaluasi Gedung I Fakultas Teknik Universitas Sebelas Maret)

Oleh :
Sri Cipto Purnomo - I0106129 - Fak. Teknik

Every asset need to be maintained. Maintenance process needed in order to make all the component of the building can be well operated and well function. While the condition of the asset not really in a good condition it can affect the system of the building operational, then it need to be repaired or fixed
By the time of the technology development by the time. Where many kinds of technology development in every tools or gadget that really helpful for human activity. One of the case is smartphone development system, that the application still developed till now to fulfill all the customers needs in every kind of field. Supported by the internet network  that getting wide abroad, android system more developed, combine with GPS (Global Positioning System) that make easier all the customer need to look forward asset along the area. Building monitoring really important to be developing by using information technology about every method to know the damage level conditions asset that used as basic data for repairing and maintenance building. To realize that needs we try to develop application and supporting system that more effective to ensure the monitoring process overall can be well managed.
From the analytical process and checking up to the system at field can be concluded that the application development based on android system at smartphone, so it can be knowing the damaged level condition from the building element, more fast, effective and efficient, and can be done by everyone.
Keywords: maintenance, ahp, assessment of damage to buildings, android application