Improving Students’ Writing Accuracy in Writing Explanation Text Through Dyadic Essay Technique (A Classroom Action Research in the Tenth Gradeof SMA Negeri I Karanganom in the Academic Year of 2014/2015)

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Dian Indah Marantika Putri - S891308011 - Sekolah Pascasarjana

This article deals with: (1) the improvement of student writing accuracy in writing explanation text through Dyadic Essay technique, and  (2) the description of  the class situation when Dyadic Essay technique is applied in the writing class. The research was conducted in one of senior high school in Klaten district. This study is a classroom action research. To deal with the problems, the researcher implemented Dyadic Esssay technique as the main activity.
There were two cycles in this research. The steps were preliminary study, planning, implementation, observation, and reflection. The subjects of the research were the students of Class X IS3 of that school and  the English teacher . To collect data, the researcher conducted a pre-test, post-test,  observations, and interviews with the English teacher and the students. Then the data were written down in the forms of interview transcripts and fieldnotes. To analyze the quantitative data, the researcher used descriptive statistics by comparing the means of the student’s previous marks (pre-test) and the students’ post-test marks, while in analyzing the qualitative data, the researcher analyzed the improvement of teaching learning process by using Constant Comparative Method.
The result of this reserach shows that the implementation of using Dyadic Essay technique was effective to improve the students’ writing accuracy in writing explanation text through Dyadic Essay in the Tenth Grade of that school in the academic year of 2014/2015. The indicators of the success of the implementation are : (1) The students’ writing accuracy was better. The students had more vocabulary, their grammar was better than before, and their mechanics in writing were better; (2) The class athmosphere was more alive, the students had interesting activities: (a) The students were more active, the students’ boredom could be decreased, and (b) The teaching learning process became student centered. This technique could be implemented by English teacher to teach writing in that school. So the students could improve their writing accuracy.
Key words: Dyadic Essay, Explanation Text, Writing, Accuracy, Classroom Action Research.