Laku Ritual Dalam Tradisi Pencak Siiat Untuk Keselamatan

Oleh :
Suryo Ediyono - 196601201993031001 - Fak. Ilmu Budaya

Suryo Edltonol
Pencak silat will be danger if ir is owned and mastered by person nor having good character.
Pencak silat school offers something promising for current modern sociery life such as health,
medication, self defense and inner power. Tradition in pencak silat culrure is one of active efforts of
Javanese people in looking for self identity. This research was inrended to look for essence ofpencal
silat, to describe ritual rradidon in pencak silar Persaudaraan setia Hati rerate and ro find our
meaning beyond hhu nnal of pencak silat uadidon in obtaining salvarion. This research used
historicd factual method through descripcion, hermeneutic interpretation, coherence a-nd synthesis.
The resulc is that pencak silat in essence conrain selfdefense, sport, art ard mental spiritual as uniry.
futua.l tradidon of pencal< silat in Persaudaraan Setia Hari Terate includes physica.l test, spirirual resr,
jago' mabar, betel vine and unbleached plain cloth. The ritual was conducted in Suro monrh as sacred
month, self cleaning and self introspecrion for Javanese people. salvation was obtuned rhrotgh hhu of
pencak silat including phpic, spirit, and soul rhar is understood through externaJ, internal ard
invisible environmenr. The three dimensions create common consciousness, sub consciousness, and
high consciousness. Finally, ritr.ral process ofpencak silat induces physical power as hanuragan, inter
powet u haaashitan and spirirual power as hwampuman,
Keyrvords: Iaha rixral, pencak silar rradition, salvation