Dyadic Essays: Enhancing Students’ Paragraph Coherence in Imaginative Writing (A Classroom Action Research at the Third Semester of the English Department UNISKA Kediri in the Academic Year of 2014/2015)

Oleh :
Avinta Ika Nurrahma - S891308007 - Sekolah Pascasarjana

This research aims to find out what improvement dyadic essay technique results in solving the problem of paragraph coherence of students’ imaginative writing. To describe how dyadic essay motivates students in doing teaching learning activity of imaginative writing in classroom. The approach used in this research is a classroom action research. The researcher used questionnaire, test, observation, and interview as the qualitative data and test as quantitative data. The action research was conducted in two cycles, there were 4 meetings for the first cycle and there were also 4 meetings for the second cycle. Every cycle consisted of four steps; planning, implementing, evaluation, and reflection. The tests were conducted before the action (pre-test) and after each action (post-test). The researcher analyzed the mean score of each test to find out the improvements of students’ paragraph coherence in imaginative writing after the action was conducted.
The result of the research shows that there are positive improvements in students’ paragraph coherence in imaginative writing. It can be seen from the comparison between the pre-test and the post-test. The mean scores of the test result are 67.42 for the pre-test, 78.09 for the post-test in cycle 1, and 86.18 for the post-test in cycle 2. By reading the texts and watching the videos, the students get the stimulus about the story what they want to write, after making a question and making the model response, and the last the students continue the story by developing the response. They can easily finish their story until the end by their own imagination. They can also write better coherence within and between paragraphs based on the aspects of paragraph coherence.The students were motivated in doing teaching-learning of imaginative writing in classroom. It was proven that the students felt enthusiastic in reading text and watching video and the students’ activeness during the teaching learning process.
Keywords: Dyadic Essay; Paragraph Coherence; Imaginative Writing