Pembuatan Prequestions pada Kegiatan Prabaca untuk Meningkatkan Kemampuan Membaca

Oleh :
Sumarwati - 196004131987022001 - Fak. KIP

This paper was prepared to describe the quality improvement process and learning 
outcomes through reading prequestion manufacture on prereading activities undertaken
in the form of classroom action research with three cycles. The results of the 
implementation of the action shows there is an increasing percentage of students who
can make prequestion, doing intensive reading properly, correctly answered at least 
70% of reading matter, and demonstrate an active attitude and motivated for learning.
Procedures for effective learning is that students read at a glance, making inquiries 
with question words 5W + 1H, remember the question, intensive reading text to find the
answers, and then formulate a response in writing or verbally. In the early stages or 
exercise, manufacture prequestion more effective if done in groups (2). From the
research it can be stated that by making prequestion first, students are more ready to
undertake the activity of reading because there are goals to be achieved, namely finding
the answer to the prequestion.