Simulation the Comparison of Thermal Comfort Levels for Two Traditional Javanese Houses in Yogyakarta

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Tri Yuni Iswati - 197106202000032001 - Fak. Teknik




Traditional house is the ideal house according to the needs of a humid tropics climate like in Indonesia. But today many traditional houses was demolished for many reasons.

This research attempts to make a simulation to see the thermal comfort of the two traditional houses in Kotagede with the different morphology house. The houses that observed are Dul Muin’s house and Samsuri’s house. The consideration for thermal analysis is the roofing, wall, floor material. Opening and layout of the site is also a factor taken into account in this analysis. Analysis were performed using the program CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics). From the analysis results will be obtained that describe the morphology of the original traditional houses are most comfortable.  

The findings is expected to be a reference to build a modern house that adopt a traditional house by choosing a convenient morphological traditional house, so in order to obtain the expected thermal comfort.





Key Words   : thermal comfort, tradisional Javanese Houses, morphology

Sub Themes  : C.1. Architecture And Environmental Design