Eksistensi Asas-asas Umum Penyelenggaraan Negara dalam Pengalolaan Rumah Susun Sederhana Sewa Jurug Surakarta

Oleh :
Wida Astuti - 196007151988032001 - Fak. Hukum

This study aims to determine the existence of general principles organization ofthe management of simple flatsrentJurugSurakartaand to determine theexistence ofbarriers tothe implementation ofthe general principles ofthemanagement ofsimple flatsrentJurugSurakarta. This research isa descriptiveempirical laws.The author took the studysites UPTD Rent Houses Surakarta City Public Works Department and Simple Flats Rent (Rusunawa) JurugSurakarta. The type ofdata used include primary data andsecondary data. Data collection techniquesusedis throughobservation, interviews andlibrary research. Analysis ofthe data using qualitative data analysis with interactive models These results indicate that the existence ofgeneral principles ofstate administration have not been fully implemented in the management ofsimple flats rent Jurug Surakarta. In rusunawa management principle oflegal certainty, the principle oforderly administration ofthe state, the principle ofproportionality and the principle ofprofessionalism hasnot been fully implemented and obstacles in implementation.

Keyword siexistence the principle of state administration, simple flatsrent(rusunawa) Jurug Surakarta.