Flouting Maxims In Particularized Conversational Implicatures In Movie Entitled

Oleh :
Era Findiani - C0312025 - Fak. Ilmu Budaya

This research is descriptive qualitative. The focus of this research is on the flouting maxims and implicature of Grice?s Cooperative Principle in Pragmatics. The data are taken from all dialogues in the movie entitled „22 Jump Street? containing flouting maxims of Cooperative Principle in applying particularized conversational implicatures. The research objectives are: (1) to find out the kinds of flouting maxims in particularized conversational implicature, (2) to find out the reasons why the speakers use flouting maxims in applying particularized conversational implicatures, and (3) to find out the hearers responses about the implied meaning from the speakers. There are four kinds of flouting maxims used in applying particularized conversational implicatures: (1) flouting maxim of quantity, (2) flouting maxim of quality, (3) flouting maxim of relevance, and (4) flouting maxim of manner. There are six reasons behind the occurrence of flouting maxims in the implicature: (1) to refuse something, (2) to express feeling, (3) to hide feeling, (4) to tell something, (5) to convince something, and (6) to clarify something. And there are times when the hearers are success or can reveal the hidden intention of the speaker?s implicature, but sometimes the hearers are fail to get the speaker?s intention. Keywords: Cooperative Principle, Particularized Conversational Implicatures, Flouting Maxims.